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Orland Park Christian Church

Meet Pastor Glenn Poplawski


"From House Fires to Hell Fires"...Jesus Christ changed a Hell Raising firefighter/paramedic into a Pastor/Evangelist and then sent His servant into the Nations to Preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stop on by to meet our Pastor and see for yourself how a radically saved servant of God will challenge you to live the best life possible for Christ while on God's Big Blue Planet.


Pastor Glenn believes a Spirit Filled Non-Denominational Christian Church ought to expect the God of a Holy Bible to show up at church and "Heal" His people the same as He did back 2,000 years ago. If a Living Jesus seated at His Father's Right Hand will hear the cry of a repentent sinner, He will surely hear those attempting to truley live for Him today, and give them a fresh touch from His Throne-room.


As a gifted teacher/evangelist and sought after conference speaker, Pastor Glenn has led thousands to Christ from behind over 400 different pulpits and in more than a dozen countries over the past 20 years through Wings of Healing Ministries. He currently Directs and Produces an Evangelistic YouTube program called "Hey Pastor Where Is God" currently watched in over 26 Nations. He also pastors our fresh start church called "Holy Fire International Church" in his home town of Orland Park illinois.


All of this is made possible by an AWESOME God... and in tandem with an incredible church family and lovely wife of 7 years named Brook.


At this posting... Pastor Glenn and Brook have twins named John and Kadance, plus a Danielle who is one year old and Brook is expecting to deliver their 4th baby in November of 2015.

Yes, that will be 4 under 4 years old ...(they gonna need a lot of prayer) Lol.





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