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Hello Friends,


To "Do What Jesus Did" may seem like an impossible course to set our eyes upon and then maintain that course in todays liberal world. The Staff and Leadership at Holy Fire International Church (Holy Fire I .C.) have found that mixing The World with The Holy Word of God and still expecting The Holy Spirit to show up in a church service is comparable to mixing oil with water. What we had in America during the "Gulf Oil Spill" is a great example. Oil and water do not mix and it leaves a mess to be cleaned upon the shorelines. Our churches today have mixed the Sin of The World with our Worship time and have watered down our Messages to where the bar of Christianity has been lowered down so far that a person would need a metal detector to even find it. In todays language this is termed "Relevant".


Back around 2007 we tried to do the "Relevant", or in todays language it's termed The Seeker Sensitive thing-a-ma-gig, and observed the departure of God's Holy Spirit. The Gifts we once operated in with all The Lord's Miracles and Healings had all but disappeared.


WE HAVE GOOD NEWS TO TELL YOU !! Holy Fire International Church has flushed every trace of that past and have REPENTED before God for even attempting that stuff. Now the Healings we were once used to, the Gifts of The Spirit, and even the Miracles have returned, HALLELUJAH!!! Check out the testimonials posted on our site and see for yourself. Dear reader, our Lord Jesus is still in the Healing business and if you are desiring to be truly free from the bondage that follows a life of sin... come check us out.


Blessings, From the Family at Holy Fire International Church


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